What dosage is available for Tramadol pills? What are special aspects of dosage for different age groups?

Tramadol DosageTramadol is a well-known opioid analgesic or narcotic pain medication. Tramadol is also known under the brand names Ultram and ConZip. This drug is intended for the treatment of different kinds of pain. It is believed that some opiates can cause addiction. However, Tramadol is totally safe for using. Physicians usually prescribe Tramadol for the treatment of joint, muscle aches and arthritis. When taken orally, Tramadol is metabolized into a variety of other chemicals that usually produce more powerful effects than the medication itself. Tramadol must be taken strictly according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Drug abuse can lead to the different side effects in adults and be lethal for kids.

Drug dosage

Tramadol is prescribed in different dosages- from 50 to 300 mg a day and must be used strictly according to the doctor’s prescriptions. Don’t change the dose without your doctor’s approval to prevent developing drug tolerance and getting addicted to the medication. The ER pills of Tramadol must be swallowed whole. Avoid breaking or chewing the pill, as it may cause serious adverse effects. It is essential to choose the right drug dosage. It depends on the patient’s age and the degree of his/her pain. The dosage information for different age groups is given below.

Dose in adults for pain relief

  1. If you experience chronic pain (mild to severe) that doesn’t require instant pain killing effect, the starting dose of Tramadol is 25 mg every morning. During the titration period, the dose must be increased by 25mg in every 3 days to reach 100mg a day. Once this dose is reached, you must divide it into 4 intakes a day. After that, the dose can be adjusted according to your needs. However, the daily dosage must not exceed 400 mg.
  2. If you suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain that requires 24/7 treatment, you should take 100 mg of ER pills once a day. The dose can be increased by 100mg every five days. But you should remember that maximum dosage for ER pills is 300 mg a day.

Dosage for older people

  • For people over 65: Choose the drug dosage very carefully. Generally, the initial dosage must be low, depending on the medical complications and the use of other medications.
  • People over 75 must not take more than 300mg of drug a day, divided into several intakes.

Dosage for children

  1. Patients from 4 to 16 should take only the IR tablets. The maximum daily dosage is 100 mg. Don’t exceed the daily dosage of 400 mg, divided into several intakes. Ask your physician about the right dosage.
  2. For the patients over 16, the starting dosage must be 50-100 mg 4-6 times a day. But you shouldn’t exceed the maximum daily dosage of 400 mg a day.